VisAg Solutions
Sustainable Farm Management

VisAg Advantage provides an efficient and consistent method for all operators/growers.  By keeping consistent expectations, we position all VisAg acres to be marketed for specialty crops, food labels and the general land stewardship and best practices creating a sustainable operation for our landowners.  Carbon sequestration is of vital importance.

Below are the VisAg Advantage practices required of all growers:

  1. Protect soil health
    • All operators must use no-till/strip-till practices
    • Cover crops used when deemed beneficial
  2. Maintain soil nutrients & microbes
    • Split applications of fertilizer/apply seasonally for optimal absorption
    • Increased use of cover crops for residual breakdown & to decrease soil erosion
    • Better nutrient placement
  3. Track major steps of the growing cycle for consumer transparency
    • We do systemized reporting of how, where, who grew crop currently
    • We are programming a more advanced databased for trackable food labeling planned to be rolled out code by 2021. 
  4. Carbon Negative Crops/Carbon sequestration
    • Carbon credits may be available for food processors after carbon research is completed
    • Growers show environmental impact of how crop was grown through above tracking methods

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