VisAg Solutions
Sustainable Farm Management

How We’re Different

Trademarked System for Traceable Outcomes.

Sustainability isn't just a PR division of our company.  We work to keep soil healthy and maintain nutrient health.  We work towards renegerative ag while maintaining profitability.  We even trademarked VisAg Solutions and its sustainability system because we know these practices work!

This VisAg Advantage systematic approach sets us apart.  We know systems create efficiency which translates into 3 things:

  • Ease of use/compliance
  • Good records and traceable outcomes
  • Profitabilty for the farmer & land owner

Traction To Date

  • We've Used & Tested Our VisAg Advantage Practices on our own farms and those we manage for the last 10+ years
  • VisAg Solutions™ officially a business in June 2016 and its trademark followed shortly after
  • We  trademarked EnviroCorn™, EnviroBeans™, and EnviroGrain™ and have patents pending
  • Along with Matt and his partner, we recently hired 1 full-time Account Manager and part-time accounting staff
  • We have support from Syngenta for data collection and future programming
  • We are working with Houston Engineering & Syngenta on a water quality project on 10,000 acres in NW Iowa
  • We are in negotiation with 3 major end users:  shrimp,  pork processors, & Ethanol plants who use Enogen corn


Our Team

Matt Mayer
Matt Mayer
Farm Manager, CCA

Matt grew up on a family farm just northeast of Melvin, IA. Matt understands inputs, soils, analytics, and the technologic impacts of the farming industry. He brings over 15 years of experience in the farm management business, and 20+ years of seed, grain marketing and agronomy experience. Matt’s hands-on approach will assist clients in making sound management and investment decisions.